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Cooperation for Nature

For many years I have taken retreats in nature, and I have been inspired by some of the people living in, and work for, nature. The great possibility of individuals and organisations working together to save nature became very apparent to me. This page presents some of their stories. ``Ai Monti” – an example of working together to help nature. “I decided to work in nature simply because it is healthy and it allows one to follow the rhythm of the universe. We are the only living creatures that have created the artificial (as opposed to the natural); this should make us reflect... My favourite sentence: “When we no longer have any room for nature, she will no longer have room for us.” (Calvin and...

Fossil Necklace and Tree of Life

Katie Paterson held an exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge in June 2013 called ‘Fossil Necklace’; the necklace was hung in Little St. Peter’s Church next to Kettle’s Yard. Each bead was carved out of a fossil, some dating back to the beginning of life on earth during the Precambrian, more than 545 million years ago. The first fossil was from single-celled organisms. The fossil in the last bead came from a Cypriot pygmy hippopotamus, found in Mesopotamia. Against the light in the church the intricate structures of the fossils could be seen. 'Fossil Necklace' by Katie Paterson, Kettles Yard, Cambridge. Photo © MJC TREE OF LIFE In the leaflet for the 'Fossil Necklace' exhibition at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Dr. Chris Tyler-Smith writes the following: “We can...
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