Prof. Toru Yamamori: The Task of Economy

“You can’t be really happy while other people are poor and left in destitution.” was said by Prof. Yamamori, who studied economics at Cambridge University. Once again, as we listen to him, we find the concept of the interconnectedness of beings.

In this video, he talks about his disillusion in his early education, how he had benefited from joining activist groups and why later he decided to go back to academia. He speaks about his work in Cambridge which was strongly influenced heterodox views by Flavio Comin and Tony Lawson. In the video he also mentions his research in British working  class women, who have been active in women’s liberation and well-fare rights as well as how their ideas have challenged dominant economic concepts.

Prof. Yamamori wrote his PhD. on the concept of need. His current research is with Doshisha University.


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