Dance of Light Wolfson Poster

Living Matter in Rhythm

Exhibition of paintings

Time: 22 September to 18 November 2018  (Open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays 3pm to 5pm in the Dining Hall)
Location: Dinning Hall, Wolfson College Cambridge University, Barton Road, Cambridge, CB3 9BB

“Nature has created the most pure and functional forms over billions of years of evolution. Stimulated by the observation of nature, the artist has created in this series of paintings a believable universe, full with the changing process of life.”  ~ Alan Hext (Complementary Health Practitioner)

More information here and poster.

Living Matter and Rhythm

Synaesthesia & Art – Dance of Light

A talk on synaesthesia as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

Time: 17.15-19.15 Tuesday 16 October 2018
Location: Dinning Hall and Lee Hall, Wolfson College Cambridge University, Barton Road, Cambridge, CB3 9BB

Free event presented by the Fine Arts Committee.

Part of the University’s Festival of Ideas on the theme of ‘Extremes’. Prof. Jamie Ward from Sussex University presented the neuroscience of synaesthesia.  This was followed by an illustrated talk by the artist Rhea Quien. She related the influences of synaesthesia in her life and family, and its consequences in her creativity. Rhea was also influenced strongly in her creativity by observing light in nature: stillness and movement, emptiness and form.

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‘Dance of Light’ Films


Time: 7:30pm Friday 19 October 2018
Location: Church Hall of St. John the Evangelist. Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8RN

Rhea presented two pioneering, interdisciplinary fine art films whose goal is to contribute towards deepening our relationship with nature and caring for it. The first shows light art she and her colleagues created to nature sounds from the British Library and IFAW. This film encourages our intuition and speaks to deeper levels of consciousness. The second film places the first in context, explaining what happened in her own life, enabling the creation of the first film, such as the experience of of synaesthesia.  ~Cambridge Jungian Circle (CJC)

CJC promotes better understanding of the life and works of Carl Jung. More information on the venue here.

“With each thought and feeling together we create the world.”

Fundraising event

‘Dance of Light’ Film

Fund raising event for the WildLife Trust Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire

Time: 6pm Friday 5 October 2018
Location: St. Augustin’s Community Centre, Richmond Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PS.

Dance of Light films were presented with fundraising for the WildLife Trust.

More information on the venue can be found here.

‘As humans heal – so nature heals’.

 Films For Our Future

A festival of films to change the world

Time: Thursday 8 February 2018
Location: Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge

Films For Our Future is a collaborative community film season across Cambridgeshire. Dance of Light was a part of this season as a fundraising event for the Wildlife Trust.

“These beautiful films are not a passive viewing experience, but an invitation to an interactive journey of imagination with the artist.”  ~ Michelle Golden (Film Director).

More information about the event can be found here.

M4MI Faces

Screening M4MI

Anglia Ruskin University Collaboration

Time: Thursday 14 December 2017
Location: Coslet 117, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

A public event hosted by Krisztian Hofstadter where works of the M4MI cohort were screened and discussed. The programme consisted of original music and sound design for short films and games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition as well as music to light-images created by Rhea as a result of her experience of synaesthesia and observation of nature. Short films and more information here.

Dance of Light Fundraising Event

Project Launch and Fundraising Event

Presentations and Screening

Time: 6pm Saturday 4 March 2017
Location: Palmerston Room in Fischer Building, St John’s College, St John’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP

The Dance of Light team was delighted to announce the launch of the project after years of dedicated work. We hope this project might inspire a greater sense of harmony among humans and nature. Supported trust here. More information here and here.