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Dance of Light Premier | Fundraising Event for the Woodland Trust


The Dance of Light Premier was kindly hosted by Prof. Bayliss-Smith. Thanks to the generosity of the visitors together we raised £660.00 for the ancient woodlands still existing on these islands. They contain the greatest biodiversity in Britain. Peter Vince opened the evening. He represented the Woodland Trust. The Director Beccy Speight wrote: “I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the wonderful sum of £660 raised for ancient woods at your ‘Dance of Light’ project event…” This event ushered in a new period of the Dance of Light project. Step by step, we hope the project will unfold and assist both nature and humans, for we are part of nature. Thanks to the team: Ichitaro Saito, Afron Monro, Glenn Jobson, Colette McDermott, Krisztian Hofstadter, Nicky Smith as the event organiser and others. Rhea Quien


  • Dance of Light: Associations to the light images and sounds surfaced as I relaxed. By the end of the film I felt I had been through a visualisation, a journey facilitated by light images, movement, and sound. That, or a month in a wild, verdant part of our precious planet

  • I very much enjoyed your films and the unfolding mystery. The nature and diversity of your work can offer the world something very valuable, especially in an educational sense I can see.

  • Dr. Phillipa Berry

    The Dance of Light films fill me with joy and hope. I was extremely impressed, both by the extraordinary beauty and sensitivity of the images themselves and the way in which you have put this work in the context of synaesthesia and important trends in art and music over the last century. Might you refer to Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art, which makes clear his debt to spiritual influences?

  • Arius Hopman (Rhea's brother in Hawaii)

    Nice job, Rhea. I think you will like this little synchronicity: I was about one third through your DVD when a couple walked in who started telling me about a $29,000 Crystal cube they had bought that contained 25,000 little mirrors. One facet of the cube was concave. You mounted it on a corner with a light from below and it throws amazing colored patterns around the room. they had asked somebody else to come into the discussion when I told them about your DVD. It took about 20 minutes for the other person to arrive who had invented a magnetic rubrics cube, which he brought along. But in the meantime the couple watched your DVD and confirmed that the patterns that their cube threw were very similar to yours.

    This kind of synchronicity happens to me quite often and has done so throughout my life. I also visualize sound like Clara, you and Afron. That plays a part in some of the earth-tone paintings that I have been doing.

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