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M4MI | Anglia Ruskin University Collaboration

M4MI ARU Music Class
This post features seven collaborative works between Rhea and composers from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. In the Music for the Moving Image (M4MI), module run by Krisztián Hofstädter, the cohort creates original music and sound design for poetry, short films and games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition. One assignment last semester was to compose music to light-images created by Rhea as a result of her experience of synaesthesia and observation of nature. Mollie Betts My approach to composing this piece largely involved improvisation in response to observation. In Quien’s brief, she said: ‘Allow your mind to relax, open and let images and sounds come to you.’ From this I understood that this piece required an aspect of spontaneity, free from any rigid...