Happy New Year!

Dear friends of the Dance of Light project. We wish you a Happy New Year as we move through the darkness and towards the growing light in the Northern hemisphere. This water colour sketch was painted in the high Alps of Switzerland, a place of great inspiration for Rhea Quien, director of Dance of Light. ... Read more

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
Kris, Lynsey, Nicky and Rhea - the Dance of Light team - wish you all a Happy Solstice. In the northern part of the world, we find ourselves in the darkest time of the year. A time when we mark the shortest day and longest night by celebrating, and looking forward to, the eventual return ... Read more

Poems from a Mountain Retreat

Mountain Retreat
A Creative Unfolding The Himalayas and the Alps are two massive mountain ranges. The Himalayas separate the land from Tibet to the north, and the plains of India to the south. The Alps separate much of northern Europe from the south. I grew up in both and, like many, enjoy returning to where I started ... Read more

One Earth

Amazon Fire from Satellite
Waking Up - One of the effects of the current ecological crisis is an inescapable awareness of the Earth’s fragility. People all around the world are now waking up to the breakdown of the Earth’s ability to sustain human life when subject to the massive destructions of nature demanded by unchecked financial greed. Infinite economic ... Read more

M4MI | Anglia Ruskin University Collaboration

M4MI ARU Music Class
This post features seven collaborative works between Rhea and composers from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. In the Music for the Moving Image (M4MI), module run by Krisztián Hofstädter, the cohort creates original music and sound design for poetry, short films and games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition. One assignment last semester was ... Read more

Cooperation for Nature

For many years I have taken retreats in nature, and I have been inspired by some of the people living in, and work for, nature. The great possibility of individuals and organisations working together to save nature became very apparent to me. This page presents some of their stories. ``Ai Monti`` – an example of ... Read more