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Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary Post
Synaesthesia in Nature: Gurukula Nature Botanical Sanctuary This post looks at the synaesthesic experience of nature of Suprabha Seshan, the Director of Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary: a forest garden in the Western Ghat of Kerala, India and the location of that experience on an atomic and universal level, in the context of the writing of Professor...

M4MI | Anglia Ruskin University Collaboration

M4MI ARU Music Class
This post features seven collaborative works between Rhea and composers from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. In the Music for the Moving Image (M4MI), module run by Krisztián Hofstädter, the cohort creates original music and sound design for poetry, short films and games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition. One assignment last semester was...

‘Less stuff, more fun’ by Prof. Tim Jackson at Earth Optimism Conference

Professor Tim Jackson gave a talk entitled 'More fun, less stuff' at the Conference 'Earth Optimism' held at Cambridge Conservation Initiative on the 22 of April 2017. He is Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey-Guilford. He says that consumerism and the notion of economic growth may be the most important issue we need...

Dr Jane Goodall at Earth Optimism Conference

Jane Goodall
The Cambridge Conservation Initiative held a conference called 'Earth Optimism' on the 22 April 2017. Elizabeth Allen, Collaborations and Communications Manager of Cambridge Conservation Initiative generously gave the Dance of Light team permission to show the contributions of the Conference on their website. Please don't miss this first contribution by Dr Jane Goodall. As a scientist,...

Dance of Light Premier | Fundraising Event for the Woodland Trust

Premier Photo
  The Dance of Light Premier was kindly hosted by Prof. Bayliss-Smith. Thanks to the generosity of the visitors together we raised £660.00 for the ancient woodlands still existing on these islands. They contain the greatest biodiversity in Britain. Peter Vince opened the evening. He represented the Woodland Trust. The Director Beccy Speight wrote: “I just...

4 March 2017 Fundraising event

Dance of Light Pioneering, interdisciplinary fine art film Light art for Nature Fundraising event for the Woodland Trust Saturday 4 March 2017 6pm at St.John's College, Cambridge Palmerston Room in the Fischer Building Nature sounds from the British Library Nature Sound Archive accompany light art in 'Dance of Light' while the second film 'Dance of Light Vision'...

Cooperation for Nature

For many years I have taken retreats in nature, and I have been inspired by some of the people living in, and work for, nature. The great possibility of individuals and organisations working together to save nature became very apparent to me. This page presents some of their stories. ``Ai Monti” – an example of...
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