4 March 2017 Fundraising

DVD cover and Cambridge College

Event: Dance of Light – 

Pioneering, interdisciplinary fine art film. 

Light art for Nature – Fundraising event for the Woodland Trust

Saturday 4 March 2017 6pm at St.John’s College, Cambridge Palmerston Room in the Fischer Building
DOL DVD cover
St Johns College, Cambridge

Nature sounds from the British Library Nature Sound Archive accompany light art in ‘Dance of Light’ while the second film ‘Dance of Light Vision’ places the first in context.

The Dance of Light team is delighted to announce the launch of the project after years of dedicated work. We hope this project might inspire a greater sense of harmony amongst humans and nature. As Dr. Ichitaro Saito, who filmed ‘Dance of Light’ stated: “I have always believed that science and technology would enrich people’s material and biological life, never thought that it would also nourish the human psyche as well in such a direct way!” A further comment: “A space to listen, open, connect, reflect and imagine.”

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