Dance of Light Films

The ‘Dance of Light’ films which link nature, art and science, were created as a result of my synaesthesic experiences and extended retreats in nature, observing light. They are intended to support non-profit nature organisations as an educational and fundraising tool. Voluntary work and a private donation enabled the project. The main ‘Dance of Light’ film draws the viewer into an unusual world, where moving light images blend with evocative sounds from the natural world. The film contains no spoken words, instead the sounds of the woodland, of streams, fire, thunder, sea and whales carry the viewer on a personal journey, inviting a fascinating contemplation of the essence of life. These nature sounds have been donated by the British Library Nature Sound Archive and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.


In the second film ‘Dance of Light Vision’, I introduce the viewer to my life experiences which stimulated the creation of the light images and the production of the film. I describe the powerful influences and experiences in nature during childhood, and retreats in nature as an adult. My own artistic background was strongly influenced by growing up in an artistic family. I explore the effects of synaesthesia in my own family, and its formative influence on the development of modern art.


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