An interview with Dr Richard Povall

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Richard Povall

Dr Richard Povall focusses on the world around him and has a keen and unique interest in nature. He is one of the directors of an international “family of ecological artists.”

water and trees

Richard has a diverse and impressive past as a sound artist, researcher, educator and ecologist. He has had a colourful career in both Britain and the USA. As Programme Leader for Arts & Ecology at Schumacher College, he has facilitated the coming together of many remarkable people, creating a centre for multi-disciplinary, innovative and inspired education.

When I visited Dartington Hall in March 2019 to meet with Richard I met a man, who above all, loves nature, the sea, and is highly sensitive to light and sound. For this reason, you will see him watching the curious and noisy birds, who visited while he was talking.

In the stunning countryside of South Devon, the river Dart meanders in the vicinity of Dartington Hall and Schumacher College. Nature is everywhere, catching the visitors eye with the beauty of blossom and trees.

For almost a hundred years Dartington Hall, which is nestled in an expanse of hills, has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Richard Povall greeted me warmly and took me to this place in the gardens, where we talked about his own artistic practice, his career and

House and garden

Rhea Quien 2020

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