Birth Dream Series – Holding (38/41)

In our last post we looked at Eruption from the Birth Dream series. This time, we are looking at a painting called Holding, from later on in the same series.

Birth Dream comprises of 41 paintings by Rhea Quien, which she began in 1995 and completed in 1998. The images Rhea has created outline a journey through life’s cycles, and are related to myth and the dream world. Archetypal in nature, the paintings and text highlight transformation through birth, love and death, thus indicating a pathway to deep-rooted energies in the psyche.

Through the themes of the paintings, the viewer is invited to look afresh at the fundamental forces in life as they influence his or her personal development; as well as collective consciousness and nature. Each person’s response is unique.

Becoming cooperatively involved with nature enables abundance to emerge.

Birth Dream Painting Series - Holding (38/41)

The darkness of night is turning to dawn. In the star-studded sky, strong hands reach down holding mountains of the earth.

The hands radiate light into the cosmos. Around them, and within them, rests infinity. The snow melts on the peaks and, like purification, washes over the rocks and land below. Mountains, woods, meadows and sky are weaving spring in tranquility.

This bold pair of hands show the necessity for stewardship of the earth, and the vital need for humans to create harmony amongst themselves and beyond. Their location in space offers an expansive perspective, and the opportunity to observe from a distance.

The painting invites us to journey inwards. In looking at Holding – and considering the present environmental situation – you may be interested in the below questions, which are connected to the painting.

  1. What is happening with the earth?
  2. Have you had the opportunity to observe the earth from a distance, for instance, from a plane? How did this feel?
  3. How would you like to hold the earth?
  4. How would you feel if you knew with absolute certainty that the earth, biosphere and its ecosystems were healthy and safe? How would you feel in your body? Can you sense that?

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  1. What a gift! It brings back the memory of a song we sang at all our quaker gatherings, and in the family, I think in the late sixties and seventies, — “he has the whole world in his hands — “. Thank you, Elspeth.


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