Birth Dream Series – Eruption (4/41)

Birth Dream is a series of 41 paintings by Rhea Quien, begun in 1995 and completed in 1998. The images she has created outline a journey through life’s cycles, and are related to myth and the dream world. Archetypal in nature, the paintings and text highlight transformation through birth, love and death, thus indicating a pathway to deep-rooted energies in the psyche.

Through the themes of the paintings, the viewer is invited to look afresh at the fundamental forces in life as they influence his or her personal development; as well as collective consciousness and nature. Each person’s response is unique.

The earth erupts in pain, causing upheaval and releasing new energy.

Birth Dream Painting Series - Eruption (4/41)

A huge shift brings the opportunity for a new reality to come.

Dense, black earth – studded with jewels – is being shaken and thrust open. From the depths, an eruption of red explodes high into the turbulent sky through a surge of undulating clouds. The release brings chaos. Structures of tradition and history are rocked by the unrest.

A charred and frenzied wolf scrambles out of a hole in the earth, pushed by the flow of red lava. This tortured and wild-eyed animal breaks forth into the light of day.

The wolf, and all its dynamism, has been held down by the earth. Pent-up energy from suppression causes imbalance and an erratic nature. The crazed creature is fearful and fierce in its fight for survival.

The painting invites us to journey inwards. In looking at Eruption – and considering the present world situation – you may be interested in the below questions, which are connected to the painting.

  1. Have you experienced times when you have ‘bottled up’ your emotions? What happened?
  2. On a psychological level, what are the beliefs that are restricting your actions or ideas?
  3. Which of the following do you think you would do in an oppressive situation:
    a) smile and put up with it
    b) leave everything and walk out
    c) focus on changing the oppression
    d) strategically and secretly plan an escape
    e) become aggressive and destructive

What can be done to ease pressure in a stressful situation and heal before it has to explode?

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